Mark Davis scores 5th KO, improves to 15-0

Special contribution by Timothy VanNewhouse

Mark “Too Sharp” Davis improves to 15-0 after stopping Ramesis Gil 6-1-4 from the Dominican Republic on Saturday night in Brooklyn, NY. Mark weighed in at exactly 129lbs. being, the lightest in his four year professional career. Gil clearly couldn’t match Davis’s speed or power. Mark looked extremely powerful in his new featherweight body.

Mark understands his extreme talent and is ready to travel in a new direction. It has been extremely difficult after severing ties with Prizefight Promotions, to obtain quality fights. Mark wants to send a message to promoters that turned their cheek, and didn’t give him a chance. People seem to have forgotten that Mark was among the best amateurs in the world. With the right people behind him, who will take a chance to invest in his future, they will reap rewards. It’s clear that young men sometimes tend to make mistakes while their young. Mark has grown into a young professional and is looking forward to a World Championship.

While Mark can beat quality prospects such as Javier Fortuna, Louis Franco, and Mike Garcia, just to name a few, there’s no reason for him to be without a promoter or highly powerful advising team. He just signed a 1-fight deal with Havoc Promotions to fight in the month of June on a national televised network that hasn’t been determined yet.

He would like to give special thanks to Havoc Promotions, Strong Style-Fight Team and Joseph Delguyd for all their support.

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